New pics!!

Some new pics from recent projects and also from IMATS!! Enjoy! :)
Wig styled in 1940's style
The front
My first wig all done, also wawes combed with water
Throat cut I made for a swedish film school in Gothenburg. PlatSil-10 with 100% deadner.
Its painted to reddish but I had to because of the lightning and the camera.
Two really amazing pieces by Darren Nevin, DNA FX, IMATS 2012.
Gringots Goblin silicone piece fron Harry Potter!! Amazing!
Goblin wigs från Harry Potter
Fenrir Greyback prosthetics from Harry Potter
Neill Gorton did a great make up demo at IMATS!
Three piece silicone make up, head, face and lower lip. The head was pre painted with Skin Illustrator and Neill painted the other two pieces during the demo.
And the result, scaaaaary and amazing!! Great job!! Teeeths from Fangs FX.
I was on a pic in the Smooth-On stand, a make up Andrea Leanza did last year at IMATS, lol!
Pete Tindall showed some work in the museum.
These are just some pics of the things I saw at IMATS. It was great fun to go there this year again!!!
Hope u all enjoyed this!
Take care!!

Postat av: Jonna

Va sjuuuukt duktig du är! Men det är du ju på allt du tar dig för! :) KRAM

2012-02-18 @ 19:23:35

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