Well I know, im the worst blogger ever! Here's some pics from my projects. I've done a 50's style on a wig, false teeth, and some other pics from different projects that im working on. Enjoy!
Hope you all enjoyed the pics! My next big project is a children play at Hagateatern called Adjö Herr Muffin. It's a play about a guinea pig and a girl. The Guinea Pig dies and I don't know more than that. I'll have a meeting with the director tomorrow and hopefully i'll get some info.
Take Care!

Postat av: madde

Kul att se lite foton från dina projekt Robin! :) Du är så duktig!!

Adjö herr muffins låter som en ubergullig teater ju! :)

2011-03-06 @ 23:04:32
URL: http://denmadde.blogg.se/

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