Mr Muffin!

Hi everyone!
I've had some really busy weeks now, so thats why I haven't written anything here. What I've done is a childrens play at Hagateatern here in Gothenburg. As I wrote in my previous post here, the play is about a Guinea Pig and a seven year old girl. So I made a silicone nose for the Guinea Pig and flocked it with 2 and 12mm long flock. It was so cute in him but the director thought different so I had to remove it. Instead of the nose I ventilated whiskers for him in buffalo hair.
Other stuff I've done is started to style a rococo wig and also an allonge. I'll post pics of that later on when Im finished with them.
Yesterday My and I did a life cast of each other. We did them in alginate and plaster bandage, and then filled the life casts with melted clay. THATS DANGEROUS!!! Pic of the clay positives is posted here.
Thats all for now folks!
Take Care!!


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