Whatever Love Means

Whatever Love Means is a play im working on right now. Im doing the make up and hair design, and started working on it three weeks ago. The first thought was that all make up should be in just black and white, but now its more human and natural make up. Im also doing a beauty make up on one of the actors. So here's some pics from the first rehearsal with clothes and make up.
Enjoy and have a great day!

London and IMATS!

Well, now im home after a great time in London! It's been a sooooo nice journey, all lovely peopel i've meet there booth students and some fucking great make up artists from England, Netherlands, France, Denmark and Norway! Meet a couple of lovely girls from Norway who were make up artists and also a make up artist from harry Potter, had a great time with them the last night at the exhibition.

So what did I do there? I bought some make up products, four cream eye shadow, a make up case, four make up brushes and a pair of false lashes. Then I got some products for free from Dermalogica, the Make Up Studio (air brush color) and Smooth On (dragon skin, a silicone). 
Here som pics from the weekend! Enjoy!

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