Time to start again!!

Well, it has been some time since I wrote here. I havn't really had the time, it has been so much work to do.
What i've been doing this summer is a play in Karlstad, Värmland, called Prima Donnor, or Leading Ladies. A play with 7 actors on stage, a lot of fun make up and three wigs! Two of the main characters in the play dressed them selfs as womens, like in the film Some Like It Hot with Marilyn Monroe.
Heres some pics on my make up!


Lena Karlsson
Sara Sommerfeldt
Ann-Sofi Nilsson
As you maybe can guess it 50's style on all of the wigs. It took place around 1958 in a small town in Värmland, so I had to go back in hair fashion like 7 years, so the blond and the brown wig is actually more late 40's in hair fashion.
On Ann-Sofi, the woman with a gray wig, played an old lady. My idea was first to apply two silicone pieces around her eyes to make her look older, but the creative team didn't like them...
I also did a redesign of Lena Karlssons wig because I didn't like the first look, so i did a big wave in the front instead.
During May, I did the make up on a short film. It was all crazy so i did on of the characters inspired by the circus during the 1920's.
Then I did some tribals on one of the actors in Johan Falk. This asctor plays Seth, the bad bad guy so he needed som triblas. A lot of the tattoos were allready designed, and we plue printed them on and colored them.
Here is just some beauty make up i've done. The girl with the very nice super blond hair is my good friend Moa. I did her make up and hair for her graudiation from high school. The other pics are from the swedish tv program Bingolotto. I did two stuarts there.
So thats all for now. Time to go to Opera på Skäret and start doing the make up there.
Take Care!!

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