The last official working day today. Me and Lars just did some job on two wigs and that was it.
during this week we've done the last work on some stuff for Mölnlycke Health care, casted and painted a stomach, a torso and an arm. I hope I can post some pics of that stuff when we have delivered it to the customer.
I'have also done some work on my silicone mask and hopefully I will apply it tomorrow!! I will do the application on a friend of mine and hope to do a good application but it's my first... Scary!! What I've done is that I've painted it and also punched eyebrows. Here's a pic of the piece so far, but i've done some restyling of the eyebrows and done them thinner and shorter.
Two weeks ago I did some beauty make up on two colleagues. On one of them I did a Twiggy inspired make up,
and waves in the hair.
Here's a pic of the allonger wig, finished
Also had some fun. painted my face in gold
Thats all for now!
Next work day is tomorrow, sunday at Bingolotto and on wednesday I'll be make up assistant at Johan Falk, a swedish police film.
Take Care!

Postat av: Hanna

Tyckte du såg ganska blek ut på den där bilden... Tror inte att du kommer vinna trots allt ;)

2011-05-11 @ 14:34:14

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