Leading Ladies and also some naked stuff

It's been a long time since I wrote something here, have had so much stuff to do.
So whats new since last time? I have been in Karlstad for a meeting for Leading Ladies, a comedy witch take place during the 1950's in Sweden. There will be eight actors and maybe 10-15 wigs and some prosthetics. A lot of work and also a lot of fun! The next meeting is 27:th of april, so I will tell you all more after that.
I've finished my allonge wig. It took some time but im quite satisfied with the result, and I will take some photos of it and post here during this week.
This Tuesday I did commercial for Astrid Lindgrens värld. It was a whole day of fimling in a forest far away from Gothenburg. It was raining, had some troubl†e with the hair on Ronja Rövardotter because of the moist air.
Thats all for now and I'll write some more during next week!
Take care!


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